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Workflow authorization in WFA 1.1


I'm wondering how to implement a validation process in WFA 1.1. It seems that it can be done by creating different users and that some predefined roles have the capability for validating a new demand. Does anyone have any information on that subject? Is there any documentation related to that? I have tried to check in the "help" section but I cannot find anything.

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Re: Workflow authorization in WFA 1.1


when editing a workflow, just right-click on the header of any command column and choose "Add approval point". You can then enter a message that is show when an approval point is reached. Workflow execution will stop at that point. An admin or architect must then go into the execution status and approve further workflow execution. You can place an approval point directly before the first command in a workflow if you' d like to have every execution reviewed by an architect (so operator just fills in values and schedules workflows, but before any change is made to the arrays, an architect can review).



Re: Workflow authorization in WFA 1.1

It's also worth noting that approval is asked for when the workflow is executed;  so if you have scheduled a workflow to run in the future then the request for authorisation is sought when the workflow starts (which is logical when you think it through).

The admin/architect then needs to login to approve the workflow and schedule when it should execute (immediately or scheduled for a time in the future.

This can also be approved via a web service request if you didn't wish to log into the GUI to approve

Re: Workflow authorization in WFA 1.1

Thanks a lot for you answers, I have now created those approval points . The issue I'm now facing is that it seems an operator can approve his own demand... Is that normal?... When he creates the demand, the "waiting for approval" status is reached but then after a right click on the job he can select "approve and resume". And it's not a mistake I have made while creating the user because when I'm logged in with that role I can only see the "Execution" menu.

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I believe that today anyone can approve a workflow (if he/she has access to the category). The approver name is recorded and maintained within the Workflow execution history– so it's currently based on an honour system and not specifically restricted.

I suspect this is an area that the team would like to develop further so comments and feedback on how you'd envisage seeing approval progressing would be very useful

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Hello Julien,

Currently the approval permission is based on the user's role.

If you go to the top-left menu under "Tools"->"WFA configuration", under "Other" tab, you can decide whether an operator can approve workflows (Not which operator but someone of that role) or just architect and above.

And as Rich said - This is a new feature in 1.1 that we will certainly look to add/develop in the coming releases....

Yaron Haimsohn

WFA team

Re: Workflow authorization in WFA 1.1

Ok it's perfectly working now ! That implementation of the authorization process is sufficient for my use cases at the moment. Thanks again for your help