Zero cost DFM license for older systems?

DFM license comes free of charge now with Data ONTAP essentials for new systems (3200, 6200, 2240). Somebody mentioned that DFM can be ordered with zero cost for older systems as well. What I am currently interested in is Performance Manager for keeping historical data; Replication would be extra bonus.

Customer has FAS3050, FAS3040 and FAS3170, all HA, acquired between 5 and 2 years ago. Is it indeed possible to obtain DFM license (for Performance/Replication) for these filers? If yes, what is the procedure?

Re: Zero cost DFM license for older systems?

I'd say it's free now for all your NetApp's

Re: Zero cost DFM license for older systems?

Well ...

"You are still required to install a DFM management server license key to enable the management server. Please contact your NetApp sales representative to order the DFM management server and associated licenses key. The license key for the management server will appear in the usual location for license keys on the NetApp Support Site. Go to the NetApp Support site at and click “My Support” then “Software Licenses”. Locate the serial number for the DFM management server to obtain the license key."

Re: Zero cost DFM license for older systems?

So what?

They just want to know who has that stuff in use. I don't think this is "bad" as you may want to come back and ask them questions... or ever worse, open DFM cases

As it's stated, go and ask your NetApp sales guy or partner. I'm sure, you will find one close to your place