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SP8 is the last Data Source Service Pack for OCI 7.2.x - while OCI 7.2.x is still supported, the vast majority of OCI customers have upgraded to 7.3.x ...read more
Hey all,   We shipped Data Source Service Pack for for OCI 7.3.[1-4] last week. As always, you should install the latest service pack to keep your dat ...read more
Hello!DFM scheduled reports are failing with an error HTTP authentication failed.There are two scenarios , I'm suspecting here.1. I had reset my domai ...read more
Hello, I've created Powershell scripts to export CIFS shares, iSCSI LUN mappings, and network information to CSV files. Those files are copied to a DR ...read more
I have read the NaBox documentation but cannot see the account requirements for integration with OCUM. Does anyone know the user/roles that need ot be ...read more
Guys, can one configure harvest in NaBox to gather the fpolicy engine stats from a c-mode cluster? I'd like to build a dashboard for this. 
Hello,   I need some help from you guys...    We have at the moment a bigger FAS 8000er series in a two node cluster setup with several SAS and SSD sh ...read more
Guys, new to NaBox but its awesome! Dashboards are beautiful and informative. That said, our mgmt. are wondering why this functionality is not in OCUM ...read more
After performing a query in WFA. We have output in tables. We have set custom endpoint for the worflow. Once endpoint it hit, I am planning to get ret ...read more
Folks,   I'm looking to provide a server deployment team with the ability to add servers to existing export policies via a REST call to a workflow. Th ...read more