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I am looking for the simplest method to get Active Directory deployed.  It is required to have a separate SVM to have AD Authentication working?
I have a New NetApp deployment.  My ESX hosts have access to HPE 3PAR(FC), Oracle ZFS(NFS) and NET APP(NFS).  Are they any known issues with NetApp wi ...read more
looking for a Nice site to pull down custom built Grafana / Harvest Dashboards - our setup is latest NAbox OVA. Love this product / tool -  noticed th ...read more
Is there anyone using WFA to manage EMC environments?
I'm trying to set up some logic around a workflow so that when one of the commands fails, it proceeds to a specific command while skipping another and ...read more
Dear Harvest community,   We have a hotfix for two bugs that we found in Harvest. If you are using Harvest 1.4.1, please run the hotfix as per the ins ...read more
Hi,   please help me to fix this    my volume fun below   def volume_check(): get_vol = NaElement("volume-get-iter") vol_out = s.invoke_elem(get_vol) ...read more
Hello, We have received multiple Seagate ST32000444SS HDD model DKS2C-H2R0SS. We would like to confirm that those are NetApp HDD and determine if the ...read more
Hi All,   I noticed that OCUM can generate used and committed values for aggregate capacity and I want to do something similar using the Management SD ...read more
We are happy to announce that Harvest 1.4.1 is released!   You can download the new release from ToolChest. Main updates are: - Harvest will accept ol ...read more