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Connect with peers about the NetApp OnCommand suite of storage management software, including OnCommand Unified Manager, OnCommand System Manager, OnCommand Insight, OnCommand Balance, and OnCommand Workflow Automation.

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Dear all,TL;DR: Harvest gets very high Latency and IOPS values from Ontap 9.4 systems. We prepare a workaround to solve this partially. You can use ou ...read more
Hi there -  Starting 12/31/2018, we’re having a problem with NetApp-Harvest receiving SVM capacity metrics from UM 9.4. SVM capacity metrics from UM s ...read more
Hello all-   How are you monitoring you SGWS devices ? we have a 12 node cluster, and no way to monitor the devices ? what are others using ?    We ha ...read more
I'm intrested to see if there is a way of calling an external  REST API using WFA?
I'm trying to figure out the best way to set dedupe and compression attributes in my workflow based upon the selected aggregate's disk type.  For exam ...read more
Among the disappointments we have with Oncommand Unified Manager 7 is its limited alerting event set.  Unlike DFM, OCUM 7 appears to lack the ability ...read more
I am implementing a mass change in alert thresholds for volumes based on their size, and then turning AutoGrow on for all of them. As I've been updati ...read more
type,subTypes,host,username,password,privileged_password,port,sudo_enabled,sudo_pass,privatekey,mfa_enabled,mfa_keyStorage Controller,ontap,x.x.x.x,ad ...read more
Dear Harvest community,   We have a hotfix for two bugs that we found in Harvest. If you are using Harvest 1.4.1, please run the hotfix as per the ins ...read more
Hi, I am not sure if this the right forum for this question. We have the  OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft 4.1 running in our environment. Monitoring 2 ...read more