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Can I get cache information such as "Cache age" or/and "Cache hit" of sysstat output and if so, is these counter information stored in whisper wsp file?



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Re: cache informatin - harvest

You should be able to find cache information here :



Re: cache informatin - harvest

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Those fields in sysstat are historical and don't give any useful information.  If you are trying to answer the question about what kind of media is satisfying reads I would take a look on the node page where there is a graph panel with a title like "reads from".  In that panel you will see % of data coming from cache (RAM), Flash Cache, FlashPool SSD, FlashPool HDD, HDD, SDD.  With Clustered Data ONTAP you also should look at the volume dashboard QoS rows as you can see this same 'read from' info but on a per volume basis.


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