consolidation of 2 OpsMngr instances to 1?

do we have a documented process, or can you please point me to some information regarding the process i need to follow to consolidate 2 (geographically separate) OpsMngr instances into a single instance?


Rick Stading

consolidation of 2 OpsMngr instances to 1?


To the best of my knowledge, there is no information on how to consolidate two OpsMgr instances into a single.  They each maintain their own unique DFM database and there is no documented process for merging them. 

If you just need a single pane of glass for reporting, you can look into OnCommand Insight Reporter (OCIR).  It is designed to collect information from multiple OpsMgr servers and provide a consolidated view of your data.  However, its just for reporting, not monitoring or alerting.

Re: consolidation of 2 OpsMngr instances to 1?

Hi Rick,

     There is no way to consolidate two DFM db into.The only way is to add the filer from one instance to other and retire the former dfm server.Attached is the doc that can help you do this.