creatiing cDOT volume with autogrow and autoshrink


how do i fill the cm "Volume Create" command to achive autogrow and shrink function.

dewdfnpc0001::> vol show -volume derotvi0068c_YDC_backup -fields autosize-increment ,autosize-mode,autosize,autosize-grow-threshold-percent,max-autosize,min-autosize,autosize-shrink-threshold-percent

  (volume show)

vserver     volume                  max-autosize autosize-increment min-autosize autosize-grow-threshold-percent autosize-shrink-threshold-percent autosize-mode autosize

----------- ----------------------- ------------ ------------------ ------------ ------------------------------- --------------------------------- ------------- --------

dewdfvs0001 derotvi0068c_YDC_backup 70TB         3.75GB             75GB         90%                             85%                               grow_shrink   true

On CLI we have folowing settings:

[ -max-autosize {<integer>[KB|MB|GB|TB|PB]} ]                      Maximum Autosize (for flexvols only)
[ -autosize-increment|-i {<integer>[KB|MB|GB|TB|PB]} ]             Autosize Increment (for flexvols only)
[ -autosize-increment-percent|-p <percent> ]                       Autosize Increment Percent (for flexvols only)
[ -min-autosize {<integer>[KB|MB|GB|TB|PB]} ]                      Minimum Autosize
[ -autosize-grow-threshold-percent <percent> ]                     Autosize Grow Threshold Percentage
[ -autosize-shrink-threshold-percent <percent> ]                   Autosize Shrink Threshold Percentage
{ [ -autosize-mode {off|grow|grow_shrink} ]                        Autosize Mode
| [ -autosize {true|false} ] }                                     Autosize Enabled (for flexvols only)

I think it must be in field options as ist is on "Template Efficient NAS settings:

"try_first volume_grow"

Cause powershell cmdlet don't have autogrow.





    Create a volume.



    New-NcVol [-Name] <String> [-Aggregate] <String> [-JunctionPath] <String> [-

    Comment <String>] [-AntivirusOnAccessPolicy <String>] [-ExportPolicy <String

    >] [-FlexCacheCachePolicy <String>] [-FlexCacheFillPolicy <String>] [-FlexCa

    cheOriginVolume <String>] [-GroupId <Int32>] [-IndexDirectoryFormat [<Boolea

    n>]] [-JunctionActive [<Boolean>]] [-MaxDirectorySize <Decimal>] [-NvFailEna

    bled [<Boolean>]] [-SecurityStyle <String>] [-SnapshotPolicy <String>] [-Spa

    ceReserve <String>] [-State <String>] [-Type <String>] [-UnixPermissions <St

    ring>] [-UserId <Int32>] [-VserverRoot [<Boolean>]] [-SnapshotReserve <Int32

    >] [-VmAlignSector <Int32>] [-VmAlignSuffix <String>] [-VserverContext <Stri

    ng>] [-Controller <NcController[]>] [-Size] <String> [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<


Were do i find the equivilant options compared to the CLI?  would also be an improvement for the volume create command to be defined in a special field.

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Re: creatiing cDOT volume with autogrow and autoshrink

Hi Markus,

The certified command "Create volume" is currently not having the parameters to set autogrow mode (grow_shrink..), minimum size and shrink threshold percentage. We have an internal enhancement request filed for adding this in one of the subsequent releases.

If you are planning to write a custom command to lets say, set autosize/autoshrink parameters, then you can use the PS cmdlet Set-NcVolAutosize which supports these settings.

Set-NcVolAutosize [-Name] <String> -Mode <String> [-MinimumSize <String>] [-

    GrowThresholdPercent <Int32>] [-ShrinkThresholdPercent <Int32>] [-VserverCon

    text <String>] [-Controller <NcController[]>] [[-MaximumSize] <String>] [[-I

    ncrementSize] <String>] [<CommonParameters>]