dataset creation dfm

I am getting the below error only if i use the hba initiator, however its able to select new aggrgrate if hba initiator is not provided ...

=== SEVERITY ===

Error:   Attention:Could not reuse existing volume(s) in dataset node or select a new aggregatefor provisioning a volume.

=== ACTION ===

Select aggregate for provisioning a new volume based on theprovisioning policy and dataset configuration.

=== REASON ===

Encountered following error condition(s) when selectingaggregate for provisioning.

- There are novolumes provisioned by Provisioning Manager in the dataset node to satisfy theprovisioning request

Storage system :'xxxxNetAppx'(94):

     - The followinghba initiators are not visible from storage systems xxxxNetAppx (94):50:0a:09:82:96:58:24:90.

Re: dataset creation dfm


There are two ways of provision a storage,

     1. Automatic Resource selection : Where Provisioning Manager uses Resource Selection Alogrithm to find best aggr to provision storage

     2. Manual Resource selecion: Where user can select his own aggr which by-passes the Resource Selection Algorithm

In Automatic Resource Selecion: If you want to Provision a FC-Lun and map it to a server then FC connection must be exist between Server and Storage System. Otherwise Lun provisioning wont be allowed and throws above dry-run error.

But this can be overcome by approaching Manual Resource Selection, where it throws warning message but allows to provision storage. And later user can do make FC connection to access the lun from the server.

I hope this helps..!

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Sivaprasad K

dataset creation dfm

so in the above case its not showing the lun protocol "fcp" ..what would be the default protocol (like the above case) ?

Thanks in advance

Re: dataset creation dfm

There is nothing called default protocol. User has to select the protocol(iscsi or fcp) based on his environment something like below,

Can I have your policy and dataset settings or output of following commands,

#dfpm policy get <policy-name>

#dfpm dataset list -x <dataset-name>


Sivaprasad K

dataset creation dfm

Hi Siva,

i need to create a lun (FCP ), while creatring lun i am giving the port number of the storage array but rest of the things are same as per your screenshot (FC Portname:             50:0a:09:81:96:58:24:xx) but no effect

[root@XXX ~]# dfpm dataset list -x testDMNDS

Id:                              11825

Name:                            testDMNDS

Policy:                          Back up




Volume Qtree Name Prefix:

DR Capable:                      No

Requires Non Disruptive Restore: No

Node details:

   Node Name:           Primary data

   Resource Pools:      XXXXResourcePool

   Provisioning Policy: SAN

   Time Zone:

   DR Capable:          No


   Export Protocol:     fcp

   OS Type:             windows

   Mapped Initiators:   None

   Node Name:           Backup

   Resource Pools:      YYYYResourcePool

   Provisioning Policy:

   Time Zone:

   DR Capable:          No



[root@XXX ~]# dfpm policy get SAN

Name:                                     SAN


Type:                                     san

Disk Failure Reliability:                 double

Sub System Failure Reliability:           Disabled

Controller Failure Reliability:           Disabled

Resource Label:

Dataset Member Deduplication Option:      Disabled

Dataset Member Deduplication Schedule:    none

Thin Provision Storage Space:             Enabled

Guarantee Space For LUN Writes:           Enabled

Thin Provisioning Configuration:          data_and_snapshots

Storage Container To Provision:           lun

Dataset Member Nearly Full Threshold (%): 80

Dataset Member Full Threshold (%):        90

Custom Provisioning Script Path:

dataset creation dfm

also i need to change the protocol for 2nd member to FCP...can we change a single member or we will have to change for all, i need to change the protocol for lun testFPSAlun10 to FCP , is it possible to have members of different protocol in same dataset

Re: dataset creation dfm

I dont understand, why are you giving the Storage Array Port WWWPN ?

If you want to access the lun from a server, then you must need to give that server's HBA wwpn.

Currently we are not supporting of changing protocol/export details of already provisioined lun. In future it might be available.

Same dataset can hold iSCSI and FCP luns. But for ths, user should not mention protocol details at dataset level, that means at the time of dataset creation dont mention the protocol details or switch off protocol details by editing the dataset created already. And, at the time of each lun provisioning time, you can mention protocol(iSCSI or FCP) / export (server's HBA wwpn) details of that lun. That way dataset can hold iSCSI and FCP luns.


Sivaprasad K