dfm 3.7 CLI - dfm event generate syntax


I am trying to manually generate some events in my lab, in order to develop scripted responses to them.  I am particularly interested in "enclosures-failed" messages right now.

I am trying to run the following

dfm event generate enclosures-failed eg-nasxxx-x01

I get the following error:  "Error:  Specified event name is not a built-in script event or custom event name."

I cannot find actual syntax examples in either the DFM admin guide, or in any of the NOW documentation.  I assume there is some little difference in the "event name" syntax when called from the command line.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: dfm 3.7 CLI - dfm event generate syntax


As the 'dfm event generate help' mentions, you cannot use the generate command

to generate built-in events. You can  set up an alarm for this and then use the

'test' feature to see what the real alarm message would look like.


Re: dfm 3.7 CLI - dfm event generate syntax

Thanks Marlon,

My dfm event generate help is not that clear.  But after your answer I re-read it and better understand what its trying to say by "Built-in script events".

I can work with alarm tests.

Re: dfm 3.7 CLI - dfm event generate syntax


This confusion came up earlier, and we have addressed this in the upcoming release. This is what the help says now:

# dfm event generate help

    generate -- generate a particular user-defined event

    dfm event generate [ -t <timestamp> ] <event-name> <source> [ <event-message> ]

    This command is used to generate custom events. Script plugins can
    use the command to generate built-in script status events such as
    script:warning-event. This command cannot be used to generate other
    built-in events.