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dfm add host - snmpv3

Receiving the following error when attempting to add a host to Operations Manager 4.0.

Config: 3040 single head, 7.3.2P7, not added to a domain

Operations Manager 4.0 Networking credentials set to snmpv3 with an account and password.

Network Connectivity
IP Address    
Network                (discovery disabled) 
DNS Aliases            uslzuil700sto
DNS Addresses 
SNMP Version in Use    SNMPv3 
SNMPv1                 Failed: Timeout
SNMP Community         Ac13v#rP@$$w0rd 
SNMPv3                 Failed: Timeout (plaintext scopedPDU header type 00: s/b 30)
SNMPv3 Auth Protocol   MD5 
SNMPv3 Privacy Enabled No 
SNMPv3 Username        OpsMgr 

ICMP Echo              Passed (0 ms) 
HTTP                   Passed (0 ms) 
Host Agent Connect     Failed (transport http; port 4092)

Thank you.


Re: dfm add host - snmpv3

Can you plz upload /opt/NTAPdfm/log/dfmcmd.log and /opt/NTAPdfm/log/audit.log files, which contains logs obtained when you tried to add this host?