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dfm/opsmgr not sending email alerts

Hi guys,

I'm trying to get a win2k8 server working for opsmgr/dfm and I can't get the email piece working.  I've installed smtp service and it is working. this was done after the opsmgr install. the mail I've stopped and restarted the dfmevent dfmmonitor, dfmapache and dfm server services and continually see this error in the event viewer: "failed to deliver email alert"

any ideas?



Re: dfm/opsmgr not sending email alerts


What is the value for the following option?

  1. dfm options list SMTPServerName

Option Value

Re: dfm/opsmgr not sending email alerts


Make sure you have the SMTP server name reachable. Try to ping the smtp name value which you are going to set.



Re: dfm/opsmgr not sending email alerts

thanks guys.  I found the issue.  the problem was that when configured, I'd made a typo in the From field in opsmgr.

Re: dfm/opsmgr not sending email alerts

Hello Daniel,

I've a similar problem, but my SMTP server is up and working. Namely, I cannot get DFM to send out emails to users when they exceed their quota limit... the only thing that works is setting a general alarm (e.g. User Disk Space Quota Almost Full), which can be triggered on any volume, by any user, so there's no way to define the right user email address.


Has this functionality been tested?