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dfm performance report

Are there any options to generate graph from performance
data, like one in    Netapp management console I can generate
manually, example like choosing LUN or volume, then save PNG or JPG format.

Tried with dfm  graph command,some reason unable to get  the performance  data  using similar one like GUI. Current DFM version is 4.0.2D12, running on Linux platform.

Appreciate help


Re: dfm performance report

hey Babu,

Yes, you need to install NMC (NetApp Management Console) on DFM server to access graphical view of NetApp performance advisor.   Please find excellent video demonstration by John.


Narayanan J

Re: dfm performance report

Sorry, probably I did not ask right question. I could
generate all these features through GUI.

I would like do same in command line, is that possible? I
did tried dfm graph is not helping.