dfm volume reporting

Hi ,

I'm trying to get DFM to give me a report that gives me following:

  • Volume name
  • Volume total size
  • Volume committed quota capacity
  • Available volume space
  • Total uncommitted volume space.

I have found everything apart from total uncommitted space in a volume.

Is there a field for this, or any way of creating a custom field in DFM.



dfm volume reporting

Hello Neil,


     The name "Total uncommitted volume space." isn't very clear. The term "committed" is generally associated with aggregates and not volumes. Commitments are always made at aggr level and not volumes.

Are you talking about "Total Volume free space" which is also called "volume unused space" or you need the "Total uncommitted space in aggr(s)" which can be used for creating volumes in case of thin provisioning?

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dfm volume reporting

We use quotas extensively in our volumes, but we also use many LUNS - another way of saying Total uncommitted volume space would be total unallocated volume space - space that isnt allocated to LUNs or quota'd out, Or perhaps just a field giving the total unquota'd space in a volume would be helpful.