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different Volume Percent-Values & which Value takes Autgrow?

Hi Guys,


so before i search to long for a solution....i open an Entry, maybe you could help me.


I noticed that exists different Used-Values by showing the Volume details (Cdot-Filer)....but from which Percentage-Value starts the AutoSize? in my case 73% or 75% 


filer01::> volume show volume_esx_04 -fields percent-used,autosize-grow-threshold-percent,size
vserver     volume                 size percent-used autosize-grow-threshold-percent
----------- ---------------------- ---- ------------ -------------------------------
filer01_svm01 volume_esx_04 9TB  75%          93%

filer01::> df -h volume_esx_04
Filesystem               total       used      avail capacity  Mounted on                 Vserver
                        8294GB     6038GB     2256GB      73%  /volume_esx_04    filer01_svm01
                         921GB      393GB      527GB      43%  /volume_esx_04/.snapshot
2 entries were displayed.


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Re: different Volume Percent-Values & which Value takes Autgrow?



As per the example shown, the AutoSize would be triggered once the 75% would reach 93%. Hope this helps.



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