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external relationship not discovered

dfm 4.0 on windows

Lost Primary directory !!

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>dfbm secondary volume list

ID:                           107

Secondary Volume:             snap-netapp:/snap_vol1

Primary Directories:


Backup Lag Warning Threshold:

Backup Lag Error Threshold:

The relationship works fine:

snap-netapp> snapvault status
Snapvault is ON.

netapp-mi01:/vol/vol1            snap-netapp:/vol/snap_vol1/vol1         Snapvaulted    00:14:46   Idle

netapp-mi01> snapvault status
Snapvault primary is ON.
Source                       Destination                      State          Lag        Status
netapp-mi01:/vol/vol1        snap-netapp:/vol/snap_vol1/vol1  Source         00:05:55   Idle

I'm not able to "import" into a protection manager dataset the relationship.

This problem is only for this relationship. I have other relationships correctly discovered.

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Re: external relationship not discovered

You have to use filer:/vol/vol1/- as source -  the key here is the /-

Protection manager can´t use volume to qtree snapvault.

Have been  struggeling with this myself, and finaly i read the manual and the solution was there


Re: external relationship not discovered

It looks like he might be using full volume source as the snapvault (cli supports qtree, - (not qtree) and full volume, but Protection Manager only supports qtree and - )... Full volume isn't often used since all data in qtrees is one level deeper and you lose qtree security on the source qtree.