failed disk monitoring

Hello, using  OnCommand Unified Manager 6.3 RC1, looking for a way to alert on 'failed disks'  only if more than 1 disk has failed.


Re: failed disk monitoring



Did you check the option 


Administration --> Manage Alerts --> In the Alerts Page Click ADD and see if you get an option to add if more than one disk failure ? 


I see alerts for Aggregate, Volume threshold's etc..... Jus give a try and lemme know.





Re: failed disk monitoring



Checked pretty much each resource under the alarm config, only cluster has the 'Some Failed Disks' event.

That's the setup what we currently use and it works, except we don't want to get alerts if a single disk fails which is the scenario we encounter most of the time.


We do want a failed disk alert if more than one disk fails, however.