historical performance graphs from vfilers?


I have OpsMan installed, and it allows me to check some historical data of vfilers like CPU load on vfiler for specific period, but there are 2 things:

     - it's weekly/monthly graph really sucks

     - it does not provide option to include other counters like number of IOPs (NFS/CIFS) or latency. (at least I can't find that)

Is there any other way to get this historical data? I need to report that for separate vfilers, so it would be very handy to have that from OpsMan.

Re: historical performance graphs from vfilers?


You can get the graphs on daily,weekly,monthly,3months,1year from the Ops-Man Web UI.

Graphs Beyond 1yr can be got from the dfm graph cli and the cli with help will give you all options.

There is no graph for NFS latency or Iops, but there is a report aggregated at d,w,m,y etc.

Below are the report names for the same.

dfm report | grep -i performance

storage-system-performance-summary performance summary of storage system

storage-system-NAS-performance-summary NAS performance summary of storage system

storage-system-SAN-performance-summary SAN performance summary of storage systems

aggregates-performance-summary performance summary of aggregate

volumes-performance-summary performance summary of volume

volumes-NAS-performance-summary NAS performance summary of volume

volumes-SAN-performance-summary SAN performance summary of volume

qtrees-performance-summary performance summary of Qtree

luns-performance-summary performance summary of LUN

disks-performance-summary performance summary of Disks

array-luns-performance-summary performance summary of array LUNs

vfiler-performance-summary performance summary of vFilers

For latency and other counters in graphical way,you will have to Performance Advisor.

Download the same from the web-ui, Control-Center-Setup-Download Management Console.