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I am reading NetApp Price list but I can't understand how NetApp storage systems map to T categories (T1, T2, T2C, etc.).

In particular I'd need to know which category FAS 3160 belongs to.

Any help appreciated.


Re: licensing question

It can be either t1 or t2.

It goes like this

FAS2200 Series t2 or r3

FAS3000 Series t1 or t2

FAS6000 Series t1

You can add a ssd and sas to the 2200 to make them for t1 data if you want. It just depends on how you configure it.

3160 is a good box, but I would go for the 3240 or 3270

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Where have you got it from?

Tier table for older models is in

For newer models as far as I know there is no tiers any more, rather order numbers are model specific.

Re: licensing question

I am unable to access that link, could you please post tier table here?


Re: licensing question

What particular price are you after - is it for Operations Manager (Add Node) or something similar?

For other features (like protocols) tiers are irrelevant from what I know - you just have model-specific price.

And one more thought: you should always treat list pricing with a pinch of salt, as the actual sell price should be (more or less) generously discounted


Re: licensing question

Where can I find a model-specific pricing list?