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'maintenance mode' for filers in DFM?


Perhaps this is a question, perhaps it is a feature request but I'm looking for a way to put appliances in some kind of 'maintenance mode' in DFM so that while I'm rebooting the system or whatever, DFM isn't sending out "host down" or "partner dead" alarms.  I disable SNMP and autosupports on the filers, but that's not enough to prevent it.  I guess I could delete the filer out of DFM during the maintenance, but that seems a bit extreme.

Any suggestions?


Re: 'maintenance mode' for filers in DFM?

What we've been doing is changing the mail server in the DFM Options Events & Alerts menu.  This is a hack and I don't like this approach much.

In the Setup/Alarms menu, you can disable each alarm but this has to be done invidually and then you have to remember which were disabled before you started so that you can enable the right ones again when your maintenance is done.  If you have 1 or 2 alarms this might work for you.

Ideally, on the Alarms menu, I'd like to see either a "disable all alarms" global option or a per-filer setting to disable all alarms for just that filer.  Per-filer (per cluster) would be preferable if you had a lot of filers - for example, we've got filers in multiple sites and it would really suck to lose notification for a filer in another city while I've got a local one in maintenance mode.

Short answer - there is no good answer that we've found.

Re: 'maintenance mode' for filers in DFM?

What you can do is create a New Group called for example NoMon. Afterthat create a New Alarm only for your new Group NoMon and DISABLE that Alarm. Next is to disable the Global group Alarms (toplevel) and create seperate Alarms for your sublevel Groups. When you have a Filer for which you are doing some work you can simply Move the Filer to the NoMon Group. Hope this helps.