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newbie q. aggr show_space option missing

sysconfig gives NetApp Release 7.1. Storage management guide v7.1 states the above command & flag can be used


aggr show_space staggr1
aggr: No such command "show_space".
The following commands are available; for more information
type "aggr help <command>"
add                 media_scrub         options             split              
copy                mirror              rename              status             
create              offline             restrict            undestroy          
destroy             online              scrub               verify 

What am I missing?


Re: newbie q. aggr show_space option missing

aggr show_space  was not there in 7.1 i believe.

I tried the same in 7.0 also, but same result.

Re: newbie q. aggr show_space option missing

OK, thanks. It's something I'll have to get used to I

guess even if the manual says this is possible.