problem with oncommand report installation

I've installed the report 1.0 with no issues. My problem is with configuring the oncommand 5.0 server. I fill in the name, IP address but the default is dbuser with hidden password.

-Do I use dbuser as my login? I've tried using the administrator/password for the windows server but it didn't work

-Do I have create a user on oncommand/DFM server?

-Is the default port correct?


Re: problem with oncommand report installation

A user with OnCommand/DFM server database read access has to be created. This information is captured in the OnCommand Report configuration demo video uploaded on community.Link to the video:

The commands for your reference:

dfm database user create  -u dbuser -p dbuser  Creates database user 'dbuser'

dfm database access enable -u dbuser     Enables database access for user 'dbuser'

Yuvaraju B