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"dfm data export run" Command & Views


  1. Can i restrict the data coming out in the views when i run "dfm data export run" command?
  2. Is it allways going to add all the OBJECTS on the DFm server in the views?

For Example:

Can i create a test group on DFM and add few controllers to it and then run this command to get the data for the created group only?

This is more to restrict the data coming in the views on the controllers levels, for the installations where there can be hundereds of controllers managed by a particular DFM instance.


then the other possible scenario i can think off is to install another DFM instance and add only the controller for which we need the views upon.


Tajinder Singh


Re: "dfm data export run" Command & Views

This is known issue in dfm. Please refer burt 502411.



Re: "dfm data export run" Command & Views

burt 502411 is in CLOSED state.

Reasoning given by hiyer:

This is by design. The "objects" argument is applicable only for performance

data. From the man page:

"Exports DataFabric Manager server and Performance Advisor data. Export of

DataFabric Manager server data is based on the value of global option

dfmDataExportEnabled.  Export of Performance Advisor data is based on global and

per-host perfDataExportEnabled values. Apart from -d option, other options are

applicable only for Performance Advisor data export."

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Re: "dfm data export run" Command & Views

We’ll move this burt in correct state. But, currently “dfm data export run” command export the all views.