"other latency" in OCUM

I have OCUM 6.1 and NetApp Management Console Version: 3.3RC1

I'm trying to monitor the latency of our NFS volumes and I see in the graph for types of latency - read, write, average and other (see attached picture)

the first 3 looks good  but the "other latency" is amazing high - over 150ms
So I wonder what means this other latency and should I worry about it?


Re: "other latency" in OCUM


FYI - No version of UM 6.x has an NMC UI - that is specific to the UM 5.x software. 

Here are a few "other latency" posts on this forum:



Re: "other latency" in OCUM

Thanks Kevin,
as far I understood, this latency due of some service level tasks by the storage, often caused by monitoring software.
but as protocol level has higher priority to service level, it is not worry about it.