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resize volume on dfm.

I experience the following message during volume resizing on System is FAS3270  v8.01SP4 attached to provisionning policy dedup scheduled.

On this version max dedup is 16TB

[dfmserver: INFO]: [15622:0xf5bf7b90]: Dry run: action: Attention: Conformance checking for volume netapp03:/dsn_esxtest_syst_glt_n03 (1588) failed.reason: The requested size 750 GB is more than the default maximum size (512 GB) allowed for deduplication.

Any idees apprecied



Re: resize volume on dfm.

Hi Francois,

               You are hitting the following bug, pls raise a support case with NGS and get things fixed, Bug Id 489801.

Or alternativley you can do the following to fix the issue your self.The details are given in the  following link.


Pasting it for convinence of all.

1. Set the deduplication limit for FAS3270 with ONTAP 8.0.1 in the following way.

$dfpm reslimit create "8.0.1" "FAS3270"

Created new resource limit (215).

2. Set Maximum deduplication size of FAS3270 and ONTAP version 8.0.1 (in GB)

$dfpm reslimit set 215 maxDedupeSizeInGB=16384

3. Verify the deduplication limit set for FAS3270 with ONTAP 8.0.1

$dfpm reslimit get 215

Id                                                                             215

ONTAP Version                                                                  8.0.1

Product Model                                                                  FAS3270

Availability                                                                   None

Maximum number of FlexVols per storage controller

Maximum CPU utilization threshold of storage controller

Maximum Disk utilization threshold of an aggregate

Maximum Deduplication size of a storage system model and ONTAP version (in GB) 16384

4. Done. You are ready to go.



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resize volume on dfm.

Hi Adai,

Thanks a lot.



resize volume on dfm.


I am facing the same issue with V3240 (ontap 8.0.2) in a customer site. Wondering what "resource limit id" shall I use to set up the "maxDedupeSizeInGB" parameter on v3240.


DFM command "dfpm reslimit" does not list any "maxDedupeSizeInGB" entry for V3240. The last Id that is used in the reslimit list is 214.




resize volume on dfm.


      Use the steps mentioned above by adai or in the burt public report to set the limit for V3240. Dedupe limit for V3240 with Ontap 8.0.2 is 16TB.

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