run workflow as web service

Hi all,

workflows can be run as web service by calling RunWorkflow().

Unfortunately this requires the WorkflowID which will change when workflows are deleted from WFA.

Is there a way to run a workflow by name (or any other criteria that won't change) instead of the ID?

Any plans for this?

I know that the workflow ID could be extracted by running GetAllWorkflows() before executing a workflow and parsing the result but that's additional overhead in the orchestration software which could be avoided.



Re: run workflow as web service

Hi Nico,

You are correct in your statements.  If you want to execute a workflow by Workflow Name, you will have to use  GetAllWorkflows() to discover the associated WorkflowID, and then use RunWorkflow().  You are correct that this is some additional overhead which could be avoided, but unfortunately there is no way to initiate a workflow via web services by calling the Workflow Name.

One thing of note is that you can see the associated WorkflowID in the Reference Manual under 'Help' in the WFA UI.  That is more for reference than an automation solution, but I thought it would be good to point out.

I know this isn't the answer you were looking for, but I hope it helps anyway.



WFA Team.