system manager snmp access

During setup I only configured one interface which I can connect to via system manager - I am now creating a VIF (same subnet) with system manager - When I try and accesss the system on this new VIF with system manager I receive an snmp error - I can ping the VIF.

Does snmp / mgmt need to be enabled on additonal interfaces? Or am I missing something else?

Re: system manager snmp access


       A couple of things that you can check for this

* Please check if you are able to ping the vif from the host where you have installed System Manager

* Please check you are giving the correct subnet when you are configuring the VIF

* Please check with VIF IP if you are able to access filerview from the host where system manager is installed,to do that open a browser and give VIFIP/na_admin

* After all these things you see issue still exists kindly post the ifconfig -a output and also output of rdfile /etc/rc from the filer.



Re: system manager snmp access

I have already checked all these things - Will look to post ifconfig etc tomorrow.