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updates to controllers are shown in report

I installed report 1.0 and created reports with no issues. I now have updated 2 controllers with new volumes but they are not appearing in report. I verified the changes are reflected in OC and did a "poll" from the report server. Also, I waited 24 hours just to make sure but changes did not show.

OC 5.0


made changes on a 7.3 and 8.02 controller

Re: updates to controllers are shown in report

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Re: updates to controllers are shown in report

I don't understand our answer. My problem is that the updates are NOT shown in report.

Re: updates to controllers are shown in report

ETL is the process which makes the data available for reporting. As part of an adhoc / manual poll process, After the data is acquired from OnCommand server as part of poll ,

  • Click on Administration drop down in admin console - Select Build ETL, Accept the confirmation button to Build ETL Now.
  • ETL status is displayed in the ETL status window.Wait for the ETL process to complete.
  • Click on reports and login to reporting connection after the ETL process is complete .
  • Changes will be reflected in the report.

By default, ETL process occurs 3 hours from the polling time.

Re: updates to controllers are shown in report

Are updates to 2 controllers with new volumes appearing in report.

Re: updates to controllers are shown in report

updates are not showing

Re: updates to controllers are shown in report

Hi hannah,

1.       When you did a poll from report server. Did you enabled 'Build ETL' check box.

2.        On to the report, please drag volume full name  rather than volume name. 

3.       What are the different columns did you dragged on to the report ?

4.       Still If you dont see updates, do this,  In the report under the Menu -> Run Report ->Advanced Options ->            Uncheck Automatically Summarize detail values, suppressing duplicates.            Please do ok.

Re: updates to controllers are shown in report

1. I've done a manual poll numerous times and have dona "build ETL" numerous times

2. dragging full volume name did not help

3. I run built in reports and query studio

4. the advanced options did not help

Re: updates to controllers are shown in report


Is the controller from which changes are not reflecting running Data ONTAP 8.0.2 7-Mode or Data ONTAP 8.0.2 Cluster-Mode. OnCommand Report acquires data from 7-mode NetApp storage systems in this release. I can set up a WebEx and have a look at the setup. Let me know your date and time preference for Monday/next week.


Re: updates to controllers are shown in report

I used 2 controllers. 7.3.x and 8.0.2 7 mode. I sent you an email for availability of webex