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vCenter connection failing

Hi all, trying to connect WFA to vCenter 5. Cannot acquire - says cant connect on port 1433

When I check, 1433 is not open.  Checking vcenter server services, it shows SQL server running (see attached screenshot).

What are our options if we can't connect via 1433? I know we can set an alternate port, but how do we know which port to set it to? I also attached a list of open ports on the vcenter server

Re: vCenter connection failing

Hi Stephen,

Kindly review the WFA installation and setup guide available in the documents section of the community.

Appendix E covers VC connectivity. AFAIK you can go to the data source definition and set a different port if 1433 doesn't work for you.

Let me know if you require further assistance.


Yaron Haimsohn
WFA Team

Re: vCenter connection failing

The problem is a type in the install guide on page 24. 

The document reads 

sqlcmd -S <HOME>\SQLEXP_VIM -E

but it should read

sqlcmd -S <HOME>\VIM_SQLEXP -E

Re: vCenter connection failing

Thanks Stephen,

We will forward to IE. We are just updating our documentation for WFA 2.0 release.

Kind regards,