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vFiler LUNs not recognized by System Manager 1.0.1

Hi all

I’ve a strangeissue with the system manager 1.0.1. We are using some NetApp FAS2020 storagesystems (version On one of these FAS2020 I configured vFilers withiSCSI to attach to vmware ESX hosts. Anyway, I did almost all configurations onthe command line interface. The last step is to create luns; unfortunately itdoesn’t work in system manager. There is an error message before finishing the wizard:“The LUN path is inaccessible”. Creating a lun on the command line interface(lun setup) works perfectly. Unfortunately none of these luns are shown in thesystem manager.

Doesanybody have an idea why system manger can’t handle vfiler luns? Is it a bug orjust not supported? Is there support in a newer version?

Thanks foryour help.


vFiler LUNs not recognized by System Manager 1.0.1


I don't think System Manager 1.x supports vFilers at all.

This is what has been said about v. 2.0 (which is still in beta):

"vFiler scoped administration is not supported in System Manager 2.0 , currently what is allowed is we can create/edit/delete a vFiler unit from System Manager , we cannot add or discover a vFiler IP from System Manager and manage it like physical filer . We will definitely consider the feedback on adding vFiler when scoped administration is implemented in System Manager."




vFiler LUNs not recognized by System Manager 1.0.1

Hi Radek

Thanks for your anwser. Sad to here that.