vFiler discovery method and interval


Questions are:

1. What is the discovery interval when DMF discovers vFilers?

- "Options->Discovery" says "except for vFilers" (Attached "OPTIONS.JPG")

- So does DFM have other otpions to set interval?

2. How is the way to discover vFiler?

-First using SNMP get method, collect host information, next using XML API, getting each vFiler information? Am I correct?

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Re: vFiler discovery method and interval


1. The default discovery interval is 1 hour.

sles186-43:~ # dfm options list | grep -i vfilermon

vFilerMonInterval 1 hour

sles186-43:~ #

You have to go to Setup->Options->Monitoring

We recommend not to change the DFM default monitoring intervals

2. For discovering vFilers on a storage system you have to set the host login credentials in DFM server

You can use "dfm host set" command from a CLI.

You can also use Web UI for this purpose.

Click on a storage system. And then click "Edit Settings" from Appliance Tools section in the left hand of the screen

vFiler and its properties discovery happens through various mechanisms depending on vFiler attributes.

These can be





You can have a look at this FS for details



Re: vFiler discovery method and interval


Thanks for your reply.

Regarding "vFilerMonInterval". This seems "Monitoring" interval not "Discovery".

Or Is  this option ""vFilerMonInterval" the same as "Discovery" interval?

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Re: vFiler discovery method and interval


After you set the host Login credentials then discovery process of vFilers on that storage system will start.

After every vFilerMonInterval any changes to existing vFilers, new vFiler additions, vFiler deletions will be discovered, detected and reported.