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what's included in the "storage system installation service (initial basic install)

Hi All,

We're expecting our new Netapp unit sometime near the end of this month and would like to know what's included in the basic install that comes with the premium support offering.  We're planning to engage a Netapp integrator but wanted to make sure that we don't pay for things that are already included in the basic install offering by Netapp.  So far, I've only found a small blurb that outlines what's included but would like more details.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Pulled from the "SupportEdge Premium Support.pdf" document

"Storage System Installation
Service (Initial Basic Install)
Improper installation and configuration are
primary causes of system failure during
the early stages of a product’s lifecycle.
SupportEdge Premium includes initial
basic install service to help you speed
deployment of your high-performance
storage solution and provide a foundation
for stability and enhanced performance.
NetApp trained engineers will:
· Perform site preparation and an
installation review
· Install racks and cabinets
· Make physical connections, including
cabling, power, and network components
· Verify all purchased licenses
· Perform system setup—load software,
create LUNs and connect up to two
hosts, and enable cluster failover
(if applicable)
· Verify protocol (CIFS, NFS, FCP, iSCSI)
and cluster (if applicable)
· Orient you with a quick tour of the
NetApp on the Web site and register
your system"



Re: what's included in the "storage system installation service (initial basic install)

I can't speak officially but my understanding is that it's a fairly basic service -- gets you through the physical installation + the "setup" script essentially so you have a running NetApp system but not necessarily configured much beyond the basics.

Full Disclosure: I work for a NetApp VAR -- we usually sell all our own install services where we put in a good bit of customer education as well....just seems to make life better for everyone (the customer, NetApp, and the VAR).