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zenoss - monitoring snap reserve free space

Trying to implement some sort of volume/aggregate available space monitoring in a green light/red light way.

We currently use whatsup gold for all of our monitoring - windows and linux servers, however whatsup doesnt seem to be able to graph the netapp stuff in a nice way.

Zenoss has netapp zenpacks available and I have the volumes monitored via the perl script that come with the zenpack.

I would however like to monitor the aggregates and snapshot reserve space.

Has/is anyone out the using zenoss and do you have this working - I could spend some time modifying this perl script to monitor these oid's, but it would be nice if someone who has already done this could provide me with their scripts.

Many Thanks


Re: zenoss - monitoring snap reserve free space

Not a direct answer to your request, but as an alternative, you can use profesional developed Nagios-plugins for NetApp, which avoid als these hassles of OIDs and SNMP by using the official NetApp-API. http://www.netapp-monitoring.info/en/ 

Re: zenoss - monitoring snap reserve free space

This available as out of the box thing in OnCommand/DFM, which is available along with the netapp controller you buy.

C:\>dfm eventtype list | findstr /i snapshot

aggregate-snapshot-reserve-almost-full        Warning      aggregate.snapshot

aggregate-snapshot-reserve-full               Warning      aggregate.snapshot

aggregate-snapshot-reserve-ok                 Normal       aggregate.snapshot

lun-snapshot-not-possible                     Warning      lun.snapshot

lun-snapshot-possible                         Normal       lun.snapshot

snapshot-full                                 Warning      df.snapshot.kbytes

snapshot-space-ok                             Normal       df.snapshot.kbytes

snapshot:created                              Normal       snapshot

snapshot:failed                               Error        snapshot

snapshots:disabled                            Information  snap-status

snapshots:enabled                             Normal       snap-status

snapshots:not-too-old                         Normal       old-snaps

snapshots:too-old                             Warning      old-snaps

volume-first-snapshot-ok                      Normal       volume.first-snap

volume-nearly-no-first-snapshot               Warning      volume.first-snap

volume-new-snapshot                           Normal       snapshot.discovered

volume-next-snapshot-not-possible             Warning      volume.next-snapshot

volume-next-snapshot-possible                 Normal       volume.next-snapshot

volume-no-first-snapshot                      Warning      volume.first-snap

volume-snapshot-deleted                       Normal       snapshot.deleted

volume-snapshots-auto-deleted                 Information  snapshot.autodelete