A Decade of NetApp Excellence

By Yudi Wiradarma, Enterprise Sales Director, NetApp Indonesia



“At NetApp, it’s not about us. It’s about our customers!” – Rob Salmon, President and Head of Go-to-Market Operations, NetApp, firmly stated at NetApp Insight 2015 last September.


As a leader in the data storage industry, NetApp has always been committed to developing innovative technology based on the needs of our customers. Through simplified infrastructure, customers are enabled to access their data anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the rapid development of infrastructure has offered many opportunities for businesses in Indonesia to grow even further. This means that with the increasingly limitless amount of data, IT departments face ongoing pressure to help their organizations achieve business objectives across sectors.


In its 10 years of excellence, NetApp has helped revolutionize the IT industry in Indonesia and built a reliable client and partner ecosystem. Today, in line with Indonesia’s Smart City initiatives and as part of its Data Fabric vision, NetApp has enabled many organizations in the nation to confidently manage and maintain control of their data across any cloud, thereby accelerating innovation and IT responsiveness. NetApp’s Data Fabric solutions also complement the growth of Indonesia’s Medium and Small Businesses, by enabling customers to innovate without risks or restrictions as well as to make the best decisions through smart and efficient use of data.


Here’s a look at some of our achievements over the years:


1. Indonesia’s #1 Vendor for Open-Networked Storage in 2013

In 2013, NetApp Indonesia made headlines for being the leading vendor for Open Networked Storage in the nation, an achievement recognized by research giant IDC[1]. NetApp Indonesia ranked top in the industry with a 21.6% market share in terms of Factory Revenue and a 20.93% market share in terms of Customer Revenue.


This achievement made Indonesia the nation with the highest growth in the NetApp ASEAN ecosystem. In a year rife with economic challenges and high inflation rates, NetApp Indonesia succeeded in proving its ability to provide the best solution for businesses.


2. The Launch of Flexible Converged Infrastructure, FlexPod

In 2011, NetApp introduced a revolutionary solution in Indonesia for cloud computing services in the form of FlexPod, which simplifies the process of IT transformation and virtualization towards cloud computing. Testament to its huge success, 2 years after its launch in 2013, FlexPod has the largest installation base for converged infrastructure in Indonesia, with customers relying on FlexPod as the foundation for their cloud networks. Mandawani Mandiri, a key partner with NetApp Indonesia, believes that FlexPod helps solve the dual issue that customers face in terms of a limited IT budget and the urgent need to cope with the sudden data growth in the nation.


3. Partnered with Indonesian Cloud, market leader cloud provider in Indonesia

As Indonesia began adapting to the cloud and its usage, NetApp has consistently assisted organizations which saw the importance of the cloud technology take a progressive step forward into the cloud. Dedicated to providing the best solutions in IT, NetApp empowered cloud service provider Indonesian Cloud to break ground in Indonesia’s nascent cloud computing market in 2013. Using NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP and FAS3270 system, Indonesian Cloud was able to store over 5 times more data than physical capacity without incurring additional costs, achieving up to 50% in cost savings to be passed onto their customers.


4. Building Minds through Data

NetApp continuously strives towards enabling innovation for organizations and people. In 2015, NetApp Indonesia established the NetApp Academic Alliance with Binus International University, the first of its kind in the country and in Southeast Asia. This strategic partnership incorporated academic materials from NetApp into the university’s existing Business Information Systems curriculum as part of the module, Business Computing Infrastructure and Communication. This enhanced curriculum brought a new and significant dimension to the students’ understanding of the latest and cutting-edge IT solutions in today’s growing digital economy. 



I would like to express my deepest appreciation for our invaluable partners and customers for supporting NetApp over this decade of innovation and achievement. I would also personally like to thank each and every one of our employees in Indonesia for your continuous commitment and efforts in driving the business forward. Working together hand-in-hand, I am confident that we are well-positioned to help one another achieve even greater levels of success. 



[1] IDC Asia Pacific Q3 2013 Report


Data Fabric is NetApp’s vision for the future of data management. It gives you the freedom to seamlessly manage your data across the hybrid cloud. You can move data where you need it most, innovate faster, and always make the best decisions for you and your organization.

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