Culture of Trust Earns NetApp APAC Recognition by Employees

By Tara Bal, Head of Communications, NetApp APAC


Companies in Asia are placing a greater emphasis on establishing a culture where employees live the values of the company while growing the business. The Great Place to Work® Institute has set their sights this year to expand recognition for the best companies to work for on an Asia Pacific level. NetApp’s inaugural ranking of #5 on the first-ever Best Workplaces in Asia list shows the company’s commitment to providing a great, high-trust culture for their employees in Asia. It is certainly a special year for us to be achieving this accolade as Asia emerges as an economic power and workplaces in the region are also rising to new levels of trust, pride and camaraderie.


Making the Cut

From 303 eligible companies in Asia, 60 organizations stood out for excellent results on the Trust Index employee survey, which measures workplace trust, pride and camaraderie. They were also recognized by the Culture Audit assessment tool for having top-notch workplace programs and practices. Some of the key drivers identified as to what employees value the most in a company include management honesty, fair promotions and an inclusive approach to recognizing employees. The top key driver that employees valued most was the management’s hiring of people who fit in well to the culture. This is indicative of how some Asian cultures emphasize harmonious group relationships and the good of the collective.


gptw award.jpg

As part of the ceremony held in Mumbai, India on 5th February, Deepak Visweswariah, Vice President, Engineering and Managing Director, NetApp Bangalore, and Sonali De Sarker, Director, Human Resources, NetApp Bangalore, were invited as speakers at the Great Place to Work® APAC award ceremony. They explained that NetApp’s culture fabric was woven together by culture, talent and innovation which are the pillars of the NetApp model in getting things done. NetApp’s previous awards include appearing on the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For list and ranking at number three on the 2013 World’s Best list.


Culture is NetApp’s Differentiator

At NetApp, we have a company culture of treating employees in the company as our greatest asset. We believe that it provides the competitive advantage and differentiating factor which drives better business outcomes for our customers, partners and makes us a great place to work. Our collaborative and open communication environment fosters a free flow of ideas and exchanges. Everyone is expected to contribute and their inputs are valued, which sets the foundation for our innovation. It is how we maintain a positive work environment which is conducive enough to push our thinking envelopes to come up with better strategies and solutions for our customers.


An Open and Collaborative Culture Drives Innovation

In striving for a culture of collaboration and open communication, NetApp has not only become an employer of choice but a partner of choice as well by keeping its focus on driving innovation for its customers. I reached out to the leaders of NetApp APAC, Greater China, ANZ, India and Japan to get their thoughts on what makes their company a great place to work at.


A culture of cooperation, collaboration and competition among employees makes a company a great place to work. This culture sets NetApp apart from the competition and wins the respect of our customers and industry peers. Our open culture is also what attracts some of the brightest, most innovative and creative talent in region. There is no better recognition than being ranked by your employees as one of the top-ten best workplaces in Asia Pacific.

Rick Scurfield, President, NetApp Asia Pacific and Japan


“A core set of values—trust and integrity, leadership, simplicity, teamwork and synergy, go beyond, and get things done—unite the employees at NetApp. Last December, we were honored to be recognized as the #1 Best Company to Work For in Greater China for the third consecutive year by the Great Place To Work Institute. And this honor, once more, best expresses a highly collaborative and innovative environment, helping partners and customers win in cloud era.”

Adrian Chan, Global Vice President, President of Greater China, NetApp


“Built on a set of values, NetApp’s culture not only defines the NetApp way of doing business but also shapes the ethos of the organization. It encourages every employee to push boundaries and take on new challenges. As a result of this, brilliant ideas and fresh perspectives are continually ‘released’ into the work environment. The annual 48-hour Hackathon at the Bangalore R&D Centre is one such event where employees get an opportunity to work on concepts. Innovation is what drives such events where teams invent and re-invent. Simply put, its mutual trust, transparency, teamwork and the ‘go beyond’ drive that makes NetApp a Great Place to Work.”

Deepak Visweswaraiah, Managing Director, NetApp India R&D


“The culture at NetApp is something that we are incredibly proud of and continually strive to improve. Our ongoing commitment to being one of the most progressive companies in the market, and fostering a dynamic working environment means that we offers a uniquely vibrant and supportive atmosphere. We are constantly seeking out ways for our employees to stay happy and engaged, and we proudly consider our employees the heart of our business."

Steve Manley, Managing Director of NetApp ANZ


“Employees are the key to NetApp’s winning culture and this drives our competitive advantage. As always, we are fully committed to helping our customers and partners succeed, and this is underpinned by the things we do internally, such as our internal exchange programs and volunteer efforts, which makes NetApp such a Great Place to Work.”

Junichi Iwakami, President, NetApp Japan