How F1 Drivers are Gaining the Lead with Data


By Tara Bal, Head of Communications, NetApp APAC


With the combination of Monaco-esque street racing and the exclusivity of racing at night, it is easy to see why the Singapore Grand Prix has become one of the most exciting legs in all of Formula One.


But winning in Formula One is about more than just winning with speed, it’s also about winning with data. That’s why seven of the top teams in F1 rely on NetApp for their data infrastructure needs.


Back in September, Rick Scurfield, President of NetApp APAC, joined Bloomberg’s “On The Move” with Rishaad Salamat to discuss how drivers are using data to gain a millisecond advantage - which can sometimes make the difference between first and second place. Watch the video below or click here.



For more information on how NetApp impacts Formula One racing, watch the video below or visit



[Photo by Morio via Wikimedia Commons]