Key to Business Growth: Having the right, scalable data infrastructure

By Chun Kook-Sup, Marketing Lead for Korea & Taiwan, NetApp


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At NetApp, we understand the importance of having the right, scalable data infrastructure in your company when starting up or scaling up your business.


A perfect example of the growth opportunities is TOAST Cloud, the new innovative cloud platform of the South-Korean PC and mobile game development company NHN Entertainment.


TOAST Cloud, which stands for “Toward Art, Science, Technology”, was initially a data platform designed to support game services solely within the company. The company needed a gaming and IT infrastructure that provided the highest levels of security and performance with the ability to instantly scale to accommodate sudden increases in users. NetApp provided an optimal solution for cloud services—especially with OpenStack.


NHN Entertainment realized, however, that similar start-up game companies or small businesses, like online shops, would also go through these very issues they had experienced when making games.


By leveraging the agility and scalability of the OpenStack cloud platform built on NetApp storage, NHN Entertainment discovered they could also therefore provide a public IT platform supporting developers with self-service access to IT resources and performance they need to build and host compute-intensive games.


Its OpenStack-based cloud became the foundation of an ambitious strategy leveraging the company’s expertise in gaming and IT services to diversify its portfolio and grow its business.


Watch this video to learn more about the way the largest PC and mobile game development company in South Korea laid a foundation for market expansion with cloud services for game developers. You can also read the executive summary of the NHN Entertainment case study here.



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