Talent Attracts Talent with #NetAppCulture

By Tara Bal, Head of Communications, NetApp APAC



Recently NetApp was invited by 938LIVE, Singapore’s premier news radio station, to comment on the importance of employee referrals in our talent acquisition strategy. André Ahchak, the station’s seasoned radio host chatted with Krish Arani, Vice President and Managing Director of NetApp East Asia on the successes we’ve witnessed with our workplace culture. André referenced LinkedIn’s recent study which revealed that employee referral programs are soon to be the biggest source for attracting top talent in Southeast Asia. 


What struck me most from the interview was Krish Arani’s insight on the rationale for a NetApp employee referral program – “talent attracts talent!”


Here are the key takeaways of the interview:


André: When did NetApp begin to widely recognize employee referrals within the company itself?


Krish: Employee referrals are a core component of our talent acquisition program and it has been a long standing policy. We have witnessed a healthy success rate with approximately 30-40% of our hires coming through the employee referral program.


André: That is a very high rate! Tell us about this success rate that you have seen throughout the entire organization.


Krish: Employee referral is something that we take very seriously. We know that talent attracts talent.


An employee who refers a candidate understands the requirements of the role very well, knows who could subscribe to our NetApp culture and could anticipate who would be a good fit for the role. In fact, what we’ve noticed is that the success and retention rate of those hired through employees referrals are extremely high and this propagates the strong workplace culture within the organization.


André: With this strong workplace culture within NetApp, the corporate culture is certainly being galvanized. It is like building a family!


Krish: Absolutely! Being people-centric is our winning formula. It certainly is like building a family and it has helped unite our employees towards a common purpose and inspire them as part of a team that wins on many levels.


André: NetApp was recently ranked among the top 10 companies to work for in Singapore. Tell us more about what went into achieving this award.


Krish: We strongly believe that a work-life balance is extremely important for our people. We are constantly looking at ways to ensure a work-life balance for our employees.


For example, we have a program called Flex-Choice where our people are able to work from various locations or exchange leave for monetary compensation if they so desire. Similarly, we have a “Catch Someone Doing Something Right!” initiative which encourages employees to applaud and endorse their peers for doing something that helps the company, customer, partner, or society. Additionally, we have the “Living Our Values” award where are employees are recognized for displaying commendable behavior that resonates with our company values.


These programs are important in helping us showcase our employees thereby motivating them. This creates an inspired workforce with strong work ethics which will lead to better business outcomes for our customers and partners, and make us a great place to work.


We look at these initiatives as huge customer differentiators and this works very well for us! No wonder, we’ve been named #4 on the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces list and now #8 on the first ever Best Companies to Work For list in Singapore.