The Best of NetApp APAC in 2015

By Tara Bal, Head of Communications, NetApp APAC




2015 has been a transformational year for our industry as cities and nations turned to technology and digitizing infrastructures to improve the quality of people’s lives. Data is the connecting thread to these game-changing innovations and data management strategies become critical. Over the year, NetApp has been leading conversations on this transformation with our Data Fabric strategy enabling organizations to create a seamless and secure access to data across various environments such as the hybrid cloud. 


Here’s a recap of our highlights in 2015 captured via the APAC blog!


The power of sports analytics with FOX Sports




We started off the year with quite the bang! We were invited by FOX Sports in March, along with other field experts to lead a panel discussion on the role of data analytics in the ultimate extreme racing, Formula 1. Sports analytics is crucial to any team looking to take home a championship and through this dialogue, NetApp showcased our expertise in helping teams gain the winning advantage!


Levelling the playing field for SMEs with the hybrid cloud


Krish 938Live 080415_2.jpg


In May, Krish Arani, Vice President and Managing Director, NetApp East Asia, appeared on 938Live, the premier news radio station in Singapore, to share his thoughts on how innovative technologies such as big data and cloud computing are empowering companies in Singapore, especially in the SME space. 






Raising the importance of customer-focused strategy with the Economist


Less than a month later, Rick Scurfield, our APAC President was interviewed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on our business strategy for the region. NetApp looks to supporting enterprises in a more customized manner as Asia undergoes improvements in data infrastructure and communications networks.

















Leading a Smart Nation Dialogue



In July, we hosted our first-ever Smart Nation Dialogue, bringing together technology leaders, startups and government agencies to discuss data-driven solutions that are fast emerging in Singapore, and the value of an open data ecosystem. 


Rick Scurfield and Krish Arani presented our Data Fabric vision as the future of data management and participants were able to see for themselves, how this strategy would be applicable in Singapore’s journey of becoming the premier Smart Nation.


Formula 1: The race for Big Data management




September! Formula 1 fever descended on Singapore once again. This year’s race was certainly a controversial one with a man strolling on the track mid-race, causing several delays with the safety car. Amidst all that F1 excitement, NetApp rode the wave and landed ourselves on Bloomberg TV and Radio with Val Bercovici, our very own Cloud Czar helming these interviews in Singapore.


Additionally, 938Live invited Val to give a post-race analysis of the Singapore Grand Prix on the “Sports Talk” segment. He highlighted the role of data in F1 and how NetApp’s data management solutions had led to significant racing strategy advantages for the Sauber F1 Team.


Talent attracting talent and our winning culture

One of our proudest moments this year was the recognition of our workplace culture! We were named one of the top 10 companies in the Singapore Best Companies to Work For 2015 inaugural list by the Great Place to Work institute.


This award demonstrated NetApp’s commitment to fostering a positive workplace environment where people want to work at and where our customers and partners choose to work with. We have made a concerted effort to speak about our winning culture in top tiered media such as the leading daily in Singapore – The Straits Times – and with 938LIVE radio on the secret to attracting top talent. Across the region, we are witnessing similar accolades for our culture and we are driving a strong emphasis on people being our competitive advantage.




Month after month, we have had solid engagements with top media and industry experts, emphasizing NetApp’s viewpoints on trends that are impacting nations. In 2016, we will continue to lead conversations around the critical role of data management in technologies that are disrupting organizations. So stay tuned and till then, have a wonderful start to the New Year!