The Economist - NetApp Shifting From Countries to Customers

By Tara Bal, Head of Communications, NetApp APAC


The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently interviewed Rick Scurfield, President, NetApp APAC on NetApp's business strategy for the Asia Pacific region considering the nuances of the markets and government policies. More importantly, Rick raises the need for a customised strategy by customers rather than by country. I am happy to share with you an excerpt from the article and you can read the full story on The Economist!




When it came to Asia, NetApp initially customised its marketing approach for individual countries, especially core markets such as Japan and Australia. However, this is quickly changing, as the use of cloud computer services and big data analysis becomes much more common in the region.


Improving data infrastructure and communications networks have meant that emerging markets in Asia now need—and can support—the kind of data storage capabilities previously only available in developed markets.


“In terms of the broader technology demands of each market, we are now seeing much greater alignment. For example, the value propositions for storage virtualisation and storage efficiency that were a key differentiator for mature markets a few years ago, now resonate extremely well in broader markets across (Asia Pacific),” says Rick Scurfield, regional president for NetApp.


That means that rather than differentiating customers according to country, NetApp is increasingly targeting corporate clients according to their size, regardless of where they are based. When it comes to data management needs, a small enterprise based in Thailand, for example, is likely to have more in common with a small business in Malaysia than a conglomerate in its home market.


“We take an approach that optimises our investments for the different segments of the overall (Asia Pacific) market,” Mr Scurfield says. This has involved an extensive effort to identify large, mid­sized and small to medium­sized businesses, and “to make investment choices based on the consumption patterns of each of these customer groups”.


Throughout the region, NetApp sees large businesses continuing to focus mainly on “on premise” storage, using cloud storage for secondary or backup needs. Mid and small­sized enterprises, meanwhile, are migrating more quickly to cloud­based storage architecture, which is generally more scalable and involves lower maintenance costs... full case study is available here.



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very interesting article and piece by Rick/EIU