The Time For Innovation Is Now


In today’s age of globalisation and digital technology, there is a constant need to re-invent to survive. Technology facilitates continuous innovation at every level, allowing businesses’ to not merely survive but thrive. The time for innovation is now. Technology-curious storage and data management professionals can make use of transformative IT practices to accelerate their work performance.


In association with NetApp, a 2014 Forbes Insights survey with C-level business and IT executives across a range of industries worldwide, the majority of executives see their enterprises in the middle of the IT adoption curve. While executives agree that technology has not played a starring role in the past, a majority, 63%, see information technology as a key part of their organizations’ long-term plans. However, only 21% see their organizations as being on the “leading edge” of technology.


At NetApp’s inaugural Virtual Insight web conference, which took place on Tuesday, 27 January 2015, Krishna Arani, Vice President and General Manager of NetApp ASEAN and Korea shared five key takeaways from the Forbes Insights survey on the need to re-invent to stay ahead in today’s age of globalisation and digital technology :


  1. Executives credit their organizations with delivering agility and nimbleness. Tomorrow, they aspire to capitalize more on analytics for decision making.
  2. Being first-to-market and having strong customer relationships are seen as the key to competitive advantage. Technology and digital innovation play a very important role in supporting these business goals
  3. CFOs are spurring technology driven innovation and making the push for investment in new solutions and approaches.
  4. All the executives agree that Technology is the differentiator for their organizations’ plan for longer term growth.
  5. CIOs are regarded as innovation leaders in aligning IT with the business. Driving business innovation and refining business strategies are their main focal areas.

Technology, which is producing so much disruption and so much opportunity, also serves as a key tool to facilitate innovation. From hybrid cloud – where data lives freely with control and security across all clouds—to data analytics—which opens up insights on customers and markets—to collaborative technologies—which open up participation to employees and partners across the enterprise—to social platforms—which open up communication with customers. Businesses should put in place strategic technology partnerships that can help its employees achieve the vision of tomorrow’s business.


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