When Digital Transformation and Innovation Collide

By Tara Bal, Head of Communications, NetApp APAC


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Our buzzword for 2015 was Digital Transformation. Industry movers and shakers were discussing ways and means to ensure that they caught this wave of change. Come 2016, this term has now become the universal language for harnessing innovation to create a positive change in our everyday lives.


Japan has a long history of technological innovation, and Japanese companies are riding this tidal wave of ever evolving solutions to generate greater value for their customers. On February 2nd, Tokyo played host to the 6th NetApp Innovation Forum – a convergence of like-minded innovators and disruptors who are transforming the way our world works. Our senior executives, Rob Salmon, Val Bercovici, Rick Scurfield, and Junichi Iwakami welcomed the delegates and shared their opening remarks.


During the event, we had the opportunity to showcase NetApp’s Data Fabric vision to over 1,200 partners and customers. Here are some insights from our executives:




“Businesses need to move with speed and scale in order to catch new revenue opportunities. Digital Transformation requires a hybrid cloud and NetApp’s Data Fabric will enable customers to have that much-needed freedom to respond and innovate faster.” – Rob Salmon, President, NetApp




 “NetApp’s Data Fabric is the future of data management. It is where the data is no longer in silos and where businesses have the ability to move and manage data in a seamless fashion across the hybrid cloud. We ensure that companies have the ability to optimize performance, cost and response time” – Val Bercovici, Cloud Czar, NetApp




 “Digital Transformation is taking place across the country, paving the way for NetApp to redefine the customer’s experience and help them achieve greater levels of productivity and differentiation. NetApp Innovation 2016 is an invaluable opportunity for us to connect with partners, customers and the media to showcase the tech that will benefit us all” – Rick Scurfield, President, NetApp APAC




“This is the sixth NetApp Innovation Event we’ve held since 2010. We are proud to say that this is one of the biggest storage events in Japan with more than 1,200 delegates this year. This conference is an important platform for us to extend the NetApp Data Fabric vision in Japan. We want to help our customers leverage NetApp products and solutions to further develop their IT competitive edge.” – Junichi Iwakami, President, NetApp Japan.




We are a company built on a culture of innovation. We are thick in the business of Digital Transformation and we have a global ecosystem of partners, service providers and support staff in place, to ensure that there is a dedicated team who is constantly looking after your business and ensuring your success. All in all, NetApp Innovation 2016 was a huge success and we demonstrated great value for our customers and partners.


Data Fabric is NetApp’s vision for the future of data management. It gives you the freedom to seamlessly manage your data across the hybrid cloud. You can move data where you need it most, innovate faster, and always make the best decisions for you and your organization.


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