Accelerating Clinical Analysis, High Energy Physics & Financial Management with EF All Flash Arrays

We all start the year with good intentions around doing something different. This year I decided to revisit the Video Blog.

In which I discuss three interesting use cases where the EF All Flash Array made a difference.


My prediction for 2015 is more of a constant than a prediction.


I predict that the yearly predictions hailing 'Greater Performance'  will be in every New Year prediction from now, until; well, forever !



Not every workload demands high performance and traditional disk will not die anytime soon, although some types, such as SAS,

will become less relevant. Using the KISS approach I see 3 pillars -


  • Capacity - for online low performance work
  • Hybrid - Performance when the workload demands it, not when it doesn't
  • Extreme Performance all the time, non-stop

The gathering of customer requirements for high performance flash storage technologies from our customers  has driven the

development of the NetApp flash storage portfolio. The clear message we hear back is that one size does not fit all.


The EF-Series is designed to deliver the highest performance possible unhindered by features that may throttle performance.

What you will see along side the highest performance possible are, the Lowest Power & Cooling cost, and the highest density.

If you need confirmation that the EF delivers for your critical business applications then I urge you to take one for a test drive.

You won't be disappointed. 


Here's a tool that can help lead you to the Flash Solution for your workload -  Flash Calculator


Here is my video blog -  raw, unscripted, unrehearsed, one take ! Enjoy.




 Links to the detailed case studies can be found here:


Diamond Light Source - The UK's Synchrotron used EF All Flash Arrays as a High Speed Buffer to unlock the secrets of matter - Diamond Light Source All Flash Array Use Case


UCB Pharmaceutical - Fast storage supporting the clinical development of mew medicines - UCB EF All Flash Array Use Case


Universal Investments - Significantly increase the performance for business critical applications such as Oracle - Universal Investment EF All Flash Array Case Study


For in-depth coverage of the entire NetApp Flash Accelerated Storage portfolio -