All-Flash FAS - The New Rocket Fuel

A quick coffee time micro blog this time. I'm  reading a great email from Ty McConney - the NetApp Flash Man with go faster stripes ! Ty is talking about the massive success he is seeing in the adoption on All-Flash FAS (AFF) worldwide by customers who are looking to supercharge their businesses. AFF delivers on this promise while maintaining the same processes, tools and management of the storage infrastructure. To summarise, the best feature set in the industry delivered by Data ONTAP,  enterprise reliability, investment protection, lower cost, easy to adopt and deploy.


If you are looking for an All Flash solution with proven industrial strength data management features and functions then All-Flash FAS is already a winner. Indeed NetApp have shipped over 70PB of Flash Storage and rising rapidly. This being used by customers in persistent and cached configurations so the experiences and stories are already there, in abundance. And, mark my words there is more to come, a lot more.

If you are looking for more information on how you can use Flash technology to create competitive advantage then the NetApp Flash pages, videos and blogs are here to guide you:


Flash Technology

Flash Technology: Efficient Data Management and Storage


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