Am I part of Iron Man Episode 2016? (from GITEX 2016 day 3)




Yet another day at GITEX 2016, and I must admit that there is always a way to find really cool stuff happening over here in Dubai.

Today, on my way to meet a customer, and by chance, I stopped by the Etisalat booth when they just announced their new phone.

No it was not an Apple show...

It is the thinnest phone in the world with only 1,6 cm in thickness. Really amazing.


But the raising technology you see the most is Virtual Reality!

I do not know if you managed to watch that incredible series of Iron Man movies featuring phantasmagoric virtual reality designs of all
kind of fancy things. I thought it was just not close to happen. I must admit that I was wrong.

It is here and now!


Virtual Reality combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) connects Virtual to Reality.

As I explained rapidly in my previous blog, Earth is not flat it's round, Virtual reality has brought a lot to gaming.

And we have seen a great evolution in the quality of the design (3D, range of colors, contrats, ...), of the interactions (movement, water drops,
wind...). Look at those guys having a virtual trip in 4D (3D + move):





On our booth we have an interesting VR experience allowing you do draw around you in 4D. This is really cool stuff, and provides
you with a unique experience about how it is about when you wear those glasses. Believe me, quite rapidly you forget them.
You start experiencing another reality.


That new reality combined with AI has changed fundamentally the gaming experience, but also our lives when it comes to order online,

interact with cars, and so on. So finally VR has changed Virtual to become Real!


See the World in Augmented Reality.

The first fully self-contained, holographic computer! Interact with high definition holograms in your real world.


augmented reality.png


See how to learn from the body inside. You can cut and remove the different layers, move the parts and go inside by just moving your head


3D human.PNG


Have a look at the what may be a policeman of tomorrow:




And I feel like it is the same for IT.

Some years ago, virtualization has started in IT. I am not speaking about Mainframes which provided so much virtual features we have still
a hard time to make with modern IT, but I am referring to compute virtualization. It took all of us time to embrace it to make it the new normal
which it is today.


Now it is virtual everything: CPU, network, power, storage, etc. What if interesting is that it took us far less time to move in that direction.
And of the reason why is that we are getting use to that chance pace, and to virtual everything even at home.

The new normal starts to be virtual Data Centers, and this becomes our new reality.


So yes Virtual Reality has changed fundamentally our Reality. And I am sure this is just a start.

Anyway, I hope you really enjoyed the reading of this virtual newspaper!


From Jean-François Marie

Head of Product & Solutions Marketing EMEA