Am I still SMART if I am not connected? (from GITEX 2016 day 5)



Day 5 here in Dubai, for GITEX 2016. This is our final day.... my feet thank you.


I have decided to have a look around and check and understand where the world is going in terms of being connected, and how rapidly

it is moving forward to that goal. And the questions I had in mind were:

- What is not connected?

- Am I SMART if I am not connected?

- What is not yet generating data?

- What is not demanding Analytics?


So here are a few lines about my experience and what I expect to happen for our business.

I think it is really difficult to answer to the question: what is not connected? Because more and more devices are connected. We all know
that, and this starts with us. But here I am not considering human and his sevral 10s of devices, but really those billion of devices which
are appearing to "simplify" our lives.

And this is really interesting what I discovered.


Let's start with a small number of those new things:




A smart lightning system combining WiFi, video surveillance, parking management, and so on.

I found also an interesting number of drones of all size to do transportation, and surveillance for instance. 
I do not forget all goodies you can wear such as shoes, watches, clothes, bikes, you name it.


It is also interesting to see the evolution of connected cars. You control them from a smartphone, get all sorts of reports,
start/stop them remotly, record your trips and spendings, limit speed for your kids, and so much more.

By the way, I liked very much the local police car: a connected Mc Laren Smiley Wink





So not all is yet connected but the world is working on it.


Does this prevent us being SMART?

Certainly not, but it seems that this is the buzz word to use is SMART: SMARTphone, SMARTcities, SMARTradios... What is next?




smart radio.PNG


SMART does not really represent the device itself, but the things you can do with it. SMART defines the use of a certain intelligence,
and more and more selfmanaged, autonomous components do integrate some. I have seen also that Artificial Intelligence is associated with some

connected devices.Perhaps bringing them faster on the SMART side of things.

We are not that far from Terminator... If this is so, I am happy not to be considered as a SMART person...


That is really amazing to see all those new devices with a connection, hoping for our business to generate a huge amount of data.

I am sure they will.


I have also discussed with a company which is doing VR systems to help understand the body and its internals.

But you would ask: where is that connected?

Their expectations is to get direct patient data from MRI into their systems in order not to represent a generic patient but yourself.

In my blog Big Data Analytics Can Help You Find Big Answers, I have explored the relation between the amount of data to correlate and Analytics.

This VR tool is just a great other component here: imagine the possibilities when it comes to display a combination of DNA, blood, MRI analysis
into a single VR 3D and interactive display?

There is no limit but time, computing and price to what we can do today.

At least our imagination is endless.


So to my original question: am I still SMART if I am not connected?, I would answer that in our evolving world no.


And every single component will generate data and will do some kind of data analysis.

The data streams seem endless.

The Analytics possibilities are promising, but will demand a such big amout of resources that I am not sure we can sustain the load today.

But at NetApp we are working hard on it, to make businesses SMART, to define what SMART IT is.


Thank you GITEX 2016 for all those great experiences and amazing demonstrations. 


From Jean-François Marie

Head of Product & Solutions Marketing EMEA