Back to the Future - FlexPod at 5

Can it really be 26 Years ago to the day that Marty McFly, in the classic Film 'Back to the Future' dialed up the 21st Oct 2015 as the date

to arrive at. So here we are. That day is today and the press in the UK are all over it. I am expecting to see the film on our screens this

evening, always a pleasure.





Five years ago I joined NetApp at a very exciting time. The launch of a revolutionary new technology called FlexPod. FlexPod heralded

the birth of a whole new generation and class of infrastructure. The alliance between NetApp and CISCO has grown in strength

over the last 5 years innovation has continued at pace.


I well remember that time I spent as a technician in the Data Centre bringing new systems and applications from Test / Dev to Production.

It was no fun integrating kit from multiple vendors in those days. Plenty of Sunday, double-time, hours consumed working in the labs.

Finding out 'what worked with what' and often finding that it didn't. FlexPod was, and is, music to my 'Technicians' ears. It promised to

deliver best in class Compute, Network and Storage from two of the best IT companies in the world. It promised, and it delivered.


Today FlexPod's can be found in over 6300 customers worldwide. There are some 1100 partners who deliver FlexPod  for

customers. FlexPod is a technology with a clear business value. Not only does it significantly compress the time to bring new 

business solutions into production, it also enables a strategy that defines the free flow of information and data in the Hybrid, Multi-Cloud

that will be the future for many organisations. If you are thinking  of building Your Cloud, Your Data Fabric, to meet current and

future business demands then FlexPod is a smart choice with clear evidence and experience of success. There are now over 100

FlexPod Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) giving you the choice and flexibility now, and as business demands change in the future.


FlexPod does not stand still and last week NetApp and CISCO announced a new FlexPod. FlexPod with All-Flash FAS (AFF). Introducing AFF into 

the FlexPod family for me was a no brainer. AFF has been one of the fastest ramping products in NetApp history. Why ? because it

combines NetApp worldwide tried and tested Data Management, Protection and All-Flash with CISCO Compute and Networking.



FlexPod 5 year birthday.jpgFlexPod.jpg


Performance is good. We all live in the 'Expectation Economy', but, as I have said before the requirement for Data Management and

Protection does not change. In fact as you move to the Hybrid, Multi Cloud, Data Management and protection needs new priority thinking.

Delivering a new CVD for FlexPod, based on CISCO UCS, NEXUS 9K, ACI, AFF is perfect timing if you are poised to grow and take

market share you need to get there quickly. You need proven Enterprise Class technology, Data Management and Control. If your

'Back to the Future' date is 3 , 5 or 10 Years out then FlexPod AFF is the time-saving machine to get you there.


FlexPod AFF.jpg


If you would like more information please follow this link


Happy 'Back to the Future' Day and may your Flux Capacitor always be charged.



 On behalf of the EMEA Product, Alliances and Solutions Marketing Team