Backup – still high on the ‘to do list’

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Despite the wishes of many of an IT leader over the years the need to backup data still remains firmly on the ‘to do list’. The good news though is that by using an integrated cloud backup appliance such as NetApp AltaVault, the need for unreliable and resource-hungry tape backup can be eliminated - freeing you up to perform other more useful tasks that help to drive the business. A recent analyst report shows that 49% of all data-related activities in the cloud are now related to backup and archive.


One of the great things about AltaVault is that it integrates straight into your existing backup or archiving application (NetBackup, CommVault, Veeam, Enterprise Vault, NetWorker, IBM, etc.) and can be up and running in just 30 minutes. The AltaVault appliance is available in 3 different form factors: a physical appliance, a virtual appliance, or as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) pay-as-you-go appliance running inside Amazon Web Services (AWS). Another approach is to combine AltaVault with your own on-premises NetApp StorageGRID Webscale object store.



Store less data, more securely

With deduplication rates of up to 30:1, with AltaVault you’ll be transmitting and storing a fraction of the original data set – thus saving bandwidth and storage costs. And, the built-in encryption means that if for any reason the data should fall into the wrong hands, the content remains inaccessible. With the recent TalkTalk data breach in the UK, data encryption is still a hot topic. The other week, I was at a Cyber Security round-table event made up of experts (including an ex-hacker) and I asked the panel to what extent they felt encryption was truly being embraced within IT and basically the view was that the financial sector has this pretty well covered, but that other industry sectors such as manufacturing seem to be still blissfully unaware of the need…




AltaVault – what’s new?

Regarding security, we’ve added KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) key management which allows you to manage cloud credentials and encryption keys. Plus we’ve added support for Amazon Web Services Secure Token Service to provide government-class security.


Last but not least, AltaVault is now available in a new form factor as a NetApp Validated Architecture for AltaVault on FlexPod® - the highly successful NetApp / Cisco converged infrastructure which combines, server, storage and network to help speed up deployment and time to value.


It’s your data

For me, all of the above perfectly embodies NetApp’s Data Fabric vision of providing a choice of how and where you manage and protect your data and at what cost – whether that be on-premises, in, or next to the cloud, or through a blended hybrid cloud approach.


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From the EMEA Product & Solutions Marketing team

Martin Warren