Centralized Management – the elusive ‘single pane of glass’

I hear all the time from customers that one of their key challenges is how to provide data protection for applications, databases, and virtualization environments. As the #1 market leader in Snapshot storage replication technologies, NetApp has provided literally thousands of customers over the years with solutions to address these challenges. One example is SnapManager, which is used to simplify the data management of your enterprise applications and includes specific versions to support: SAP, Oracle, VMware, Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange and SharePoint. Another example is SnapCreator Framework, which provides extensible, OS-independent, application-consistent data protection across physical and virtual environments - either on premises, or in the cloud.


Okay, so this has all been great and organisations have derived enormous benefit from these solutions, but now move up a gear and imagine a world where you can control and deploy, not only NetApp’s Snapshot-based products, but also hypervisors and other plug-ins for applications and databases - all from one central point. With the recent announcement of NetApp’s new SnapCenter that wish has now become a reality!



There’s a whole host of features which include: central deployment of plug-ins to remote hosts, role-based management, and the ability to monitor and verify clones and restore operations – all of which help to deliver against NetApp’s vision of a Data Fabric. The other great thing is that if you are already using SnapManager products (referred to earlier) then there’s an intuitive migration mechanism to move to SnapCenter to help deliver an even more centralized and coordinated approach.


Crucially, SnapCenter also provides centralized reporting, monitoring, and dashboard views, along with features such as High Availability, non-disruptive remote upgrades and snapshot catalogue management to facilitate easy rollback to point in time copies. This video is certainly worth looking at to see how SnapCenter actually works and for the tech specs here’s a link to the datasheet. A quick plug for NetApp Insight - several sessions will be available on SnapCenter along with a hands-on lab running SnapCenter software.


In a nutshell, the essential value of SnapCenter is that it brings everything together in one single place, which in turn saves you time, money and reduces risk. And, to really put the icing on the cake it’s available at no charge to NetApp customers!


From the Product, Solutions and Alliances Marketing EMEA team

Martin Warren


PS - check out these videos to find out more about the Snap products mentioned in this blog:


NetApp SnapManager https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsmGjmpmfU0


SnapCreator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si1aJa2Q35w