Data Fabric in Action at Randstad

When you are expending resources fighting fires, trying to unfreeze frozen critical applications, tuning infrastructures 

to meet the basic demands of the business, you know it's time to step back and reevaluate your operation. Spending all

your time in the "RUN" phase of your business gives very little time and resources to dedicate to the "GROW" and

TRANSFORM" phases.





It's a very common scenario. One which I spent a good deal of my careers addressing and writing about in recent

years. If this is where you are,  then you are not alone. Many are looking at new requirements from their customers and

reevaluating how these new generations consume information. It's very different now than it was even 5 years ago.

It will be very different again by 2021


I have spoken in previous blogs about how the new 'Expectation' economy demands consistent, repeatable and

predictable experience.  Today's generations expect instant gratification. If you cannot meet their

demands you will quickly loose custom and share. The things that are difficult to build back.


In the past I have spoken about the 'Need for Speed', ' Measuring and Managing' and 'Cloud Models' so I was particularly

pleased to read about the Recruitment Agency in EMEA - Randstad. Who, quite frankly, ticked all the boxes.

I found myself agreeing with many of the challenges faced and I applaud them for taking the bold move to a new

model. The Recruitment business today is fast moving. Requiring swift processing of complex applications, resumes, and

placements along with the associated compliance and regulation demands.





Randstad suffered from performance and storage constrained critical business applications. The result being -

application freezing and halting. This unpredictable response typically results in poor productivity, as everyone

leaves the 'Stuck' application to make a cup of coffee and of course, the worse possible outcome,

dissatisfied customers.


  The strategy they developed took them on a journey to cloud. But how to get there ? Randstad

took the decision to fix the unpredictable application performance by deploying Flash storage on

premise. They also wanted to take advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS). They recognised

the importance of management, measurement and reporting in cloud deployments. As I have said in

my previous blogs, in this data driven world..... If you can't measure IT, you can't manage IT.


This vision and deployment gave Randstad a cloud enabled Data Fabric. It enabled the

free flow of information and applications within their fabric. It gave them more than adequate

headroom for growth. It also gives them the flexibility and choice to run applications at points in their

fabric which meet with the economic goals of the business.


The Ranstad solution consisted of the following solutions from NetApp delivered by our partner Storm


Storm Tech.jpg



  • NetApp FAS8040 AFF                                                    For High performance All Flash coupled with industry leading Data Management and Protection
  • NetApp OnCommand Insight                                          For Insight on your Fabric making visibility and management very easy
  • NetApp Cloud ONTAP for Amazon Web Services       For Consistent Data Access, Management and Protection in Amazon AWS

As David Leybourne,  IT Director of Infrastructure, Randstad UK described it "Clearly Top Drawer"


This is Data Fabric in Action. Simple to deploy. Flexibility and choice. You in control.


You can find the Randstad's Success Story here: Randstad's Success Story


Laurence James on behalf of the EMEA Products and Solutions Team